Dr. med. Salah Jawdat
Deputy head of department
Head of anesthesia Hospital Altstätten/SG
Anesthesiologist FMH
Interventional pain therapy SSIPM
Marktstrasse 4
9435 Heerbrugg

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Dear reader,
back pain is by far the most common ailment of the western civilisation. I was personally strongly impaired by back pain in my personal and professional life. It severly affected the quality of my life and I began researching the topic. The causes of back pain are diverse and require special individual treatment. My therapeutic strategy paired with my expertise I would like to help you just the same.
During the acute phase the main goal is to eliminate the pain so that clear thought is possible and to determine which approach to take. The recovery period then allows to investigate the cause of the pain and to examine the functional aspects of the spine. Through this diagnostical analysis answers for unsolved questions can be found and an individually tailored therapy with a promising treatment can be conceived.
Back pain –
latest findings
Apart from hereditary, pathological changes in the spine, leg length discrepancy or even dysbalance of the entire back musculature are the most common causes back pain. More than 70% of all spinal problems are based in the area of the lumbar vertebrae. It is even the origen of most ailments that result in disability and which the modern human suffers from.
Pain therapy
In cooperation with GPs of the area and hospital region, specialists and other clinics we aim to help pain patients in their struggle against pain and its consequences. In consideration of the partially complex correlations individually tailored therapies are offered to the patient which enable a positive and effective outcome.

Before you decide on an invasive treatment I will be pleased to advise you in a personal consultation. With my modern therapy methods I can offer you an efficient alternative.
Dr. med. Salah Jawdat
Professional career
• 1980–1987 Study of medicine (Sofia/Bulgaria)
• 1990–1991 Anesthesiology and intensive care
(Cantonal hospital Münsterlingen/Thurgau)
• 1992–1993 Surgery and orthopedia
(Cantonal hospital Münsterlingen/Thurgau)
• 1993–1995 Internal medicine (hospital Altstätten)
• 1996–1997 Internal medicine (Cantonal hospital St.Gallen)
• 1997–1998 Anesthesiology and emergency
(Cantonal hospital St.Gallen)
• 1998–2004 Senior physician anesthesiology
Private clinic Seeschau (Kreuzlingen/Thurgau)
• since 2004 Deputy head of Anesthesiology
Hospital Altstätten/SG)

• 1987 State examination
• 2002 Anesthesiologist FMH
• 2004 Federal medical diploma
• 2012 Federal diploma for interventional pain therapy SSIPM
• 2012 Doctor's degree university hospital Zurich

• Swiss medical association FMH
• Medical association of St. Gallen
• Association of doctors Rorschach-Rheintal
• Swiss Association of Anesthesiology
and reanimation (SGAR)
• Swiss association for the study of pain
• Swiss Society for Interventional Pain Management (SSIPM)
• The European Society of Regional Anaesthesia
& Pain Therapy (ESRA)
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