Dr. med. Salah Jawdat
Deputy head of department
Head of anesthesia Hospital Altstätten/SG
Anesthesiologist FMH
Interventional pain therapy SSIPM
Marktstrasse 4
9435 Heerbrugg

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The 1st-LBEthe unique diagnosis and therapy device of myosom
Rehabilitation measures
With the latest technology we examine the three dimensional function of the spine with the 1st LBE (anti gravitational device). This allows us to determine malfunctions (resilience and balance) on each motion segment of the spine through which a specific, individual therapy can be conceived. The optimal, physiological joint position of the spine is thus restored by correcting the resilience deficiencis (dysbalance and muscle atrophy) of the surrounding muscles.
Before treatment:
Minimal scoliosis
causes unequal load distribution
After treatment:
Corrected scoliosis
with equal load distribution
Interventional pain management
The interventional, or minimal invasiv, pain therapy is a globally acclaimed method for the diagnosis and therapy of chronic pain. It numbs the structure that is likely causing pain with a small amoount of local anesthesia for a short period. If the result is pain reduction it is highly possible that the origin of the pain has been found which can be treated by either cortisone or electricity. This treatment is mostly used for back pain. When the pain has been successfully blocked the patient will be capable of improved mobility and will be able to eficiently train the back musculature. The infiltration therapy can be a valuable supplement in the entire procedure.
PRT interventional pain therapy
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